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Welcome to the online edition of the Pomoerium. Volume 1 is now available. Articles are available in PDF files.


Contents - vol. 1/1994




Krzysztof T. Witczak (Lódz)

The Linear B Sign *76: A Proposal for New Value (ri2)


Fabio Mora (Tübingen)

Die griechischen Theophoren Namen (im Bereich der griechischen Inseln)


Krzysztof Glombiowski (Gdansk)

The Campaign of Cyrus the Younger and the Retreat of the „Ten Thousand": The Chronology


Maurizio Bettini (Siena)

Alkmene und das Wiesel


Gerhard Radke (Berlin)

Betrachtungen zu den feriae des Monats April


Marek Zyromski (Poznan)

Specialization – the Hidden Feature of the Roman Provincial Administration


Walter Scheidel (Wien)

Germanicvs und Sarmaticvs: Die Ereignisgeschichte des Jahres 175 bei Cassius Dio und die Emissionsabfolge der kaiserlichen Reichsprägung


Geoffrey MacCormack (Aberdeen)

Voluntas testatoris and Scaev. D. 29,7,14 / Afr. 29,7,15


Ryszard Pankiewicz (Bochum)

Les prix et l’argent dans le Nouveau Testament


Juliusz Jundzill (Bydgoszcz)

Das Geld in der lateinisch-christlichen Literatur des spätrömischen Kaiserreiches


Marek Starowieyski (Varsovie)

Les de viris illustribus comme source pour l’histoire de la littérature chrétienne ancienne


Krzysztof Pawlowski (Montpellier)

Formes urbaines en Languedoc et les débuts de l’urbanisme en Europe médiévale



Information for Authors  


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The project Pomoerium will focus on the achievements of classics-related sciences, and examine socio-economic and religious transformations, not as a stream of disjointed events, but as an intelligible and determinate process, whether involving a shorter or a longer time span.
It constitutes the efforts to render accessible to the interested public hardly-known ideas, journals and books and aims to contribute to the exploration and understanding of religious and socio-economic processes in the classical antiquity and provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of their various aspects.
Finally it serves furthermore as a naturally forum for the presentation and discussion of noteworthy issues, including the presentation of minority or at times controversial points of view.
Journal: Deadline for completed texts is September 30, 2007, however submissions are encouraged at all times and will be considered for the next upcoming issues.

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